In today’s marketplace, companies are more globalized; diversity is exponentially increased, not only of our employees, but also of our customers. Increased diversity creates challenges in recognizing opportunities for leveraging the strengths of a diverse workforce, and then creating environment of inclusivity by which organizations, employees and customers can flourish.

To drive a positive impact on organizational results, increase employee retention and develop future leaders, organizations must become truly inclusive and engaging. Diversity of thought can create innovative solutions to problems, create new products or services, and more holistically represent the diverse customer bases that you serve.  

So, here are four areas of discussion: 

  • Defining diversity in order to become truly inclusive
  • How to create an inclusive work environment
  • Getting employees to opt-in and become valued contributors
  • Success metrics impacting organizational results


Private Equity firms typically purchase two types of companies: 

1) Promising Companies Poised for Growth and Expansion
2) Fixer Uppers Badly in Need of Repair

To successfully grow either type of company three components are required

1) The Right strategy 
2) Capital
3) Experienced Managers

The High Performance Company requires three specific characteristics to set itself apart from the average and from just being “good.” A great company must have the following three elements: 

•Clear Vision 
•High Performing Teams 
•A Disciplined Culture 

This blog discusses high performing teams in more detail. We all hear that a company’s biggest asset is its people; and that is an absolutely, unequivocally true statement. Yet most companies fail to capture the exact notion of what that statement means, and do not know how to maximize the efficiency of their human capital in a productive and balanced way. Thomas Jefferson said, “If I had a universe to choose from, I could not change one of my associates to my better satisfaction.” He definitely had a high performing team!

A high performing team is one where its members are passionate about what they do. They have clarity in their roles, there is a great amount of cohesiveness between the members, and there is an understanding of the need to live a balanced life. When all these characteristics are blended together, the outcomes of their decisions propel the company to a higher level. This type of team arrives at decisions more quickly; they debate passionately, trust each other deeply and hold each other accountable for performance.